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So I finished my samples for potential characters and enemies if there were ever a Gwen Stacy game. It wouldn’t be very long. Just about two, maybe four levels.

The first would be a tutorial having her fight street thugs (1 example above in the yellow shirt)

The next would be at her school, having to fight a hoard of reptilian mutated rats. Leading to a fight with Lizard!Peter. Like in the flash back from the comic.

The third stage would probably be her in the subway trying to escape the cops.

Finally the last level would be her fighting some more thugs before fighting Rhino at the concert.

I only know how to make sprites/sprite edits. So this isn’t a game I plan on making anytime soon unless other people with the required skills to make such a game would be interested. 

I just wanted to show off some ideas.


imageUpdate on the Goo character. Now with transformations for all three states. Also showing Liquid State’s ability to pick up other liquid. I might make a smart palette for other colored liquid. Idk. Liquid would be used for certain puzzles and possibly making enemies slip. I was also thinking of giving Liquid something where with certain puzzles, Goo would go through something that turns them into a bubble and they carry the player along. 

Gas would be used to get Goo into hidden and hard to get to areas. As well as being able to put enemies to sleep.

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