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imageCastlevania style sprites of Shiklah, Bug, and Wade for a game idea.

It would be a Castlevania game where you fight the different creatures from Deadpool: The Gauntlet and fight your way to Dracula.

The story would have slight changes depending on if you play as Shiklah or Wade. Shiklah would have more magical abilities, be able to summon bug, and use her demon form if she has enough energy. While Wade would be able to use different weapons like whips, swords, bombs, etc.


My 2013 Games of the Year: Gone Home (PC / Mac)

Gone Home tasks you with exploring your family’s residence, but it’s not the place you grew up in. They’ve since moved into a large, old house, full of dark corridors, faulty wiring, and false spaces. Following in the tradition of 90s classics Myst and Riven, the game favors environmental exploration while dispensing with any of the convoluted puzzles or fantastic plots that complicated those games. Instead, Gone Home weaves a beautiful, human story that should not be missed.

By Alex Griendling / Blog / Twitter

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