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imageKamen Rider W sprites for a game idea I had. I used Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow sprites as bases for Shotaro and Philip. The way the game would work is that you’d play as Shotaro and go around fighting dopants. You would start out in your normal form and use to Giji Gadgets to attack instead of attacking yourself. At a certain point in the stage, you’d run into the boss Dopant and change into W. As W you can switch halves to use different attacks or get around certain stage obstacles.

At a certain point in the game, you’d play a level as Philip and use Fang as your weapon. Eventually becoming W in Fang/Joker form.

After beating the game, you’d unlock Philip and Terui, so you can do playthroughs as Fang/Joker and Accel.

Akiko would also be a special character and would become Skull.

There would also be an extra stage where you can play as Shroud before the W story takes place.

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